What Size Backboard Do I Need?

What Size Backboard Do I Need?

Congratulations! You’ve finally determined that a basketball hoop is required to complete your suburban dream home! But there are so many options available… How will you ever make a decision?!

When purchasing a basketball hoop, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the size of the backboard you will require for your new basketball court. Backboard widths range from 48″ to 72″, but for regular game play, we recommend a backboard that is at least 54″ wide. Anything less than this measurement will prevent the player from doing bank shots!

Play Like the Pros

This crucial selection is usually made based on the size of the playing space. The closer you get to a full-size 72″ wide backboard, the more realistic and professional your game will be.

If you practise layups from the block on a 54″ backboard at home and then transition to a 72″ backboard for Varsity contests, it might have a huge impact on your shot! On a regulation-size backboard, you won’t be able to practise the range of shots you can make.

Other basketball goals with a short pole system suggest that you pick your backboard size based on the size of your playing space. This suggestion is being made for a very essential purpose! It’s because their premium basketball goals’ overhang may extend as far as 5 feet into the driveway!

If the basketball goal was dropped below 8′ in some cases, it would be practically difficult to drive a car past it. This is one of the many reasons Goalrilla’s backboard to post overhang is limited to 4′, and why no Goalrilla goal may be lowered lower than 7.5′.

Backboard Glass Matters Too

For gym-correct rebound, look for 54′′ or 60′′ boards with 3/8′′ thick glass and 72′′ boards with 1/2′′ glass. 3/8′′ glass on a 54′′ or 60′′ backboard gives the same bounce as a normal 1/2′′ glass backboard, but it is lighter, making it easy to change the rim height for your tiny ones. Only 1/2′′ thick glass is utilised on our regulated 72′′ systems, such as the CV72 and DC72E1, which are the same as those used in the NBA and NCAA.

The size of the backboard is also influenced by the player’s skill level. Because standard 72-inch backboards are used in high school and college, many individuals prefer to buy this size to more precisely replicate actual playing circumstances.

You want to acquire the biggest basketball backboard you can afford while staying inside your budget. The bigger your backboard is, the more like an NBA-quality basketball hoop it will feel, because you’ll be able to sink those far-corner banks!

If you have a budget of around $1,500 but don’t want a 72-inch backboard, a nice 60-inch basketball backboard, such as those supplied by Goalrilla, is still an excellent option. Basketballgoalstore.com is the place to go for the best deals on the widest range of goals.

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