What Should the NBA Add a 4-Point Line? | Complete Guide

What Should the NBA Add a 4 Point Line

Four points are awarded for a score when the area of the NBA 4-point line is further than the three-point line. In most cases, the court makes this decision. It was introduced by the Harlem Globetrotters and is only used in the BIG3 professional basketball league.

Each of the three circles on the field area is a very distinct 4-point area in which points are scored if a player touches this area while taking a shot for the hoop and makes it.

People are wondering whether or not to add it to the NBA after it was hugely successful in the all-star game made up of celebrities. There has always been a tendency for the NBA to shirk away from this topic since time immemorial.

As teams struggle to defend their spaces on the basketball court, the rate of points consistently increases. 

With more pressure on defenses, the offense uses more court space; consequently, players defend their space on the court by using more space. Many people have been concerned about it, but this is nothing new since many people opposed the 3-point line when it was introduced in the 1970s.

Arguments on 4 Point Line

There are many people who argue that this shouldn’t be added since it’s quite hard to make a shot since the line is so far. A celebrity all-star game was marked by disagreements, including Ray Allen’s. 

I mentioned earlier that this 4-point line was only used during this game. In this game, the potato chip company promised a $4000 donation for every four-point shot made by the player.

The potato chip company donated $4000 for a total of 10 4-pointers being made. As an incentive, 10 4-pointers were made.

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NBA Add a 4-Point Line

Even though Allen didn’t approve, he managed to make the first 4-pointer. This game was regarded as more dramatic than the previous games due to the addition of the four-point shot.

However, does this mean the NBA needs to introduce a 4-point line? No, as most critics would argue. Perhaps, however, the NBA can implement this, but in a way that doesn’t ruin the sport by making scores too high.

The reason for this is that teams specializing in three-pointers will tend to have players with four-pointer specialization; hence the scores per game could be high.

In order to accomplish this, perhaps the 4-point line should be implemented at the end of both halves. The lagging team would have the opportunity to earn their way to the top, while the team ahead would be able to maintain its This positions the team behind them in a better position to prevent them from catching up with them. 

It would either enhance the game’s appeal or make it less boring. Another way they can add the 4-point line is to add it at any time during the game. The game became more dramatic once they added the 4-point line. Coaches could modify the plays based on random times by adding random times.

Potential Consequences for the NBA

Moreover, teams could be given their own 4-point line and could use it at any point in the game, so long as they didn’t use it more than once. Prior to using the coach’s 4-point line, the ref could give his permission first. The final option is to let the fans decide when the four-point line should be used. 

Getting fans involved with the game has always been a priority for the NBA. This may be the perfect way to do it.

As the celebrity game was enjoyable to watch, the NBA should consider adding the 4-point line to its game plan. A sport’s ultimate purpose is to entertain, so long as teams compete. 

The sport should be kept from becoming cheesy so long as they do not overdo it. Even though adding the 4-point line would require us to relook at how we define greatness and how we view mid-range shooters, there is no harm in giving it a try since everything is constantly changing, including the sport of basketball itself.


What are the benefits of adding a 4-point line to the NBA?

There is a possibility that the NBA could introduce a four-point line. The four-point shot could add another dimension to the game that rewards the best shooters, since the three-point shot already dominates the game.

What are the chances of the NBA adding a four-point line?

Taking things one step further, a reporter on Twitter points out that the team has added a 4-point line to their practice court. It was an intriguing move that generated a lot of discussion among NBA fans. “Steph changed the game a lot for the better.”

Does football have a four-point play?

Both offensive and defensive linemen occasionally use the 4 point stance in football. A football player’s stance is determined partly by the position he or she plays. Different stances allow them to position themselves for different game situations.


We found that the NBA could introduce a four-point line without too many changes to the game in this short study. We have witnessed in the past decade players with extreme marksmanship emerge. Who would be able to showcase their skill more effectively at the four-point line, approximately 30 feet away?

As a result of the line’s introduction, the NBA will continue to change and adapt. There might be those who view it as a gimmick. As there were for the newly installed three-point line in 1979. The legendary “bang” calls from Mike Breen will probably be for four-point shots in a few years.

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