What Is The Difference Between Netball And Basketball Hoops?

Difference Between Netball And Basketball Hoops

The most popular ball sports today are basketball and netball. They can both be played on the same court since they are related, but they play different games and have different rules, apart from the fact that netball is usually played by women.

General rules and gender division are the primary differences between netball and basketball. There is no physical contact or dribbling allowed during general play in netball. Only women’s netball is recognized by the International Netball Federation.

Netball and basketball both use the same court, which is one of their similarities. On the same court, both games can be played at the same time. Besides that and a few other things, I’m convinced that the two games differ in many ways.

How Is Netball Different From Basketball?

There is a major difference between netball and basketball when it comes to the size of the court. Compared with a backyard basketball court that stretches 94 meters (300 feet) and 50 meters (160 feet), a netball court is only 30 meters high and 15 meters wide. Because of this, players have less time to rest and plan their next move in netball than they do in basketball.

There is also a difference in the number of players between the two sports. The average basketball team has five players, while the average netball team has seven players. Having specialized positions like a dedicated shooter or defender means netball teams can afford to have more specialized positions.

In addition, the ball used in netball is different from the ball used in basketball. There are several aspects that make a netball more difficult to control than a basketball, including its size and weight. As a result, netball shooters and passers have a much harder time passing and shooting, so defense is important in netball more than in basketball.

Finally, the rules of netball differ from those of basketball. Netball players, for example, cannot run with the ball, and they can only take three steps before passing or shooting. As a result, the game becomes more about teamwork rather than individual play.

Basketball Vs Netball:

During the game of basketball, two opposing teams of five players compete against each other. Shooting the basketball through an opponent’s hoop is the objective. If you score within the 3-point line, you get 2 points, while if you score outside the line, you get 3 points.

Netball is similar to soccer in that two teams compete to shoot a ball through each other’s hoop. At any given time, netball courts are occupied by seven players, each occupying a different position. There are three sections on the court in netball, each requiring a team member to be present.

Goalkeepers, goal defenses, centers, goal attackers, goal shooters, wing attackers, and wing defenses make up netball positions.

What Is The Difference Between Netball And Basketball Hoops

Similarities and differences between Netball and Basketball:


One of the most significant differences between basketball and netball is the position. As a basketball player, you can move freely throughout the court while being assigned a specific position. In netball, there are seven positions with assigned duties that are restricted to certain areas of the court.

It is possible to run the “center” of a netball game from either side of the court, but not in the shooting circle. Generally, the “wing defense” can play both on the defending side and on the middle region of the court, but not on the attacking side of the court. The positioning rules in this sport seem quite complex when compared to basketball’s much more lax rules.


A basketball pass can be made from a distance as far away as you like, or as close as you like. As long as you do not run out of time, you may also keep the ball for as long as you wish. There are many differences between netball and other sports.

Netball requires that your pass be longer than three feet (0.9 meters), but not as long as to pass from one end of the court to the other end if you want to cross the court from one end to the other. Additionally, netball doesn’t allow you to hold the ball for more than three seconds before passing.


Basketball has been reinvented by players like Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. In the sport of netball, this is not permitted at all.

Netball players are confined to a shooting circle, unlike basketball players, who can shoot the ball from anywhere on the court, and, unlike basketball teams, team netball teams only allow two players on their team to attempt to strike the ball, called the “goal attack” and the “goal shooter.”

Ball Carrying:

There have been tremendous improvements in basketball ball-handling over the years that have captivated basketball fans all over the world.

 A number of dribble moves have taken over the game, such as the shamrock and crossover. Netball doesn’t have this kind of play. You cannot dribble, and you must pass the ball after gaining possession of it.

Basketball is a fast-paced sport that is extremely dangerous. Netball is a much safer sport. Unlike football, netball does not allow any contact between players. You will have an advantage over your friends in terms of knowing how to play if it becomes as popular as basketball in the future!

Gender Separation:

Professional basketball has been dominated by men for many years. The term reflects the separation of men and women. Men dominate the game. There is, however, a fundamental difference between netball and basketball.

Due to the fact that netball is non-contact, it allows for rational thinking and strategizing instead of just being the fastest and toughest person on the court. As a result of women’s dominance, INF rewards women’s netball, but women’s netball teams receive little attention.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Do netball hoops and basketball hoops have the same size?

There are 3.05 meters between the ground and the netball ring. It is possible to have a playing surface for both sports on one basketball court, which is 15 meters by 28 meters. In addition, a basketball ring has a height of 3.04 meters above ground, which is just 10mm higher.

How hard is basketball compared to netball?

There is no contact in basketball, but it’s less rigid than netball, so it may be more appealing to some girls. Many children feel they have more agency and possibilities when they can run the length of the field and shoot a goal.

What is the hoop called in netball?

There is a circle called the center circle which is located in the middle. There is a goal circle located at the end of the court at each end of the court.


Both sports are played on a court, but basketball has players moving around freely, while netball requires that players remain in their positions. 

There is no contact in netball, but there is contact in basketball. Netball requires that the opposing player be approximately 0.9 meters away from the player with the ball, while basketball does not. 

Netball players should never dribble the ball, instead passing it to the next player immediately. Basketball players must dribble the ball; otherwise, they may be called for a violation.

Regardless of the sport you choose, remember to have fun and to keep it clean at all times.

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