How to Put a Chain Net on a Basketball Hoop?

How to Put a Chain Net on a Basketball Hoop?

Why should you have a net on the basketball hoop? Sure, you can toss a basketball through the hoop without one, but who wants to hear the sound of the ball striking metal every time. Or better yet, who doesn’t appreciate the gratification of hearing the characteristic “swish” sound when you make a basket?

This page includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to place a chain net on a basketball hoop and addresses some of the frequently asked questions with relation to basketball, including:

  • Choosing the right net for your hoop
  • A basketball net’s installation
  • Basketball net placement without a hook
  • Basketball hoop net installation for kids

Why Should You Have a Net?

The question, “Why should you have a net on the basketball hoop?” has multiple answers, ranging from However, according to the rules of the NBA, the primary reason for the basketball net is to determine whether the ball has gone in or out, and without it, there would be confusion. Without a net, the ball could go in or out of the hoop at any time.

When the ball passes through the hoop, the net causes it to move at a more leisurely pace. When the ball slows down, the players have a better chance of determining whether or not it has gone into the net.

Because the net directs the ball downwards after it reaches the ground, it is also able to prevent the ball from rolling a great distance after it has been dropped.

How to Put A Chain Net on a Basketball Hoop?

The tools you will need for installing a chain basketball net

A ladder, wire cutters, and pliers are required for this project.

Steps on Putting a Chain Net on a Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop that is without its net is analogous to an unfrosted cake in that it may still be identified as a cake but does not provide the same level of satisfaction.

Chain nets are not difficult to attach, and they provide an air of genuineness to your hoop. The instructions for attaching a chain net to a basketball hoop are provided in the following step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1:

Determine the height of your basket by beginning your measurement at the base of the rim. After that, use wire cutters to cut a piece of chain netting that is twice as high as the height of your rim.

Step 2:

Position one end of the net so that it hangs over one of the sides of the rim. Check to see that there is an excess inch or more of chain hanging over the edge of the rim. You will have the option to make changes when the time comes.

Step 3:

After you have pulled the other end to the other side so that it is secured, use wire cutters to remove any extra chain.

After that, using pliers, bend one inch of the chain on both sides to create a loop, and then wrap the loop around itself. That will help prevent your net from slipping off while you’re playing or from being blown off in stormy weather.

What Types of Nets For Hoop?

How do you choose the right net for your hoop? Is there a type of net that can be easily installed? Listed below are a few types of basketball hoop nets:

The rope net is often constructed out of nylon or polyethylene, and its primary purpose is to cover the permanently installed basketball hoop. The rope net is long-lasting and sturdy, making it perfect for continuous usage.

The chain net is mostly used for the portable basketball hoop, which is often composed of iron or steel. If you want to get a lot of usage out of your hoop over a lengthy period of time, then you should go for the chain net since it has a longer expected lifespan.

How to Put a Basketball Net on a Hoop Without a Hook?

It’s possible that you’ll wish to set up your net without using a hook for one reason or another. This should not offer any undue difficulties for you, since there are a few different approaches that you may use, including the following:

Rope and Loop method

The most effective technique to accomplish this goal is to create a little loop in the net that surrounds the basketball rim. After that, you may secure it with a rubber band or a zip tie depending on your preference.

If you want to connect the net to the hoop without using any hooks, you may use a thread and then tie it off on the top of the basket. This will accomplish the desired result.

Tape method

When setting up anything temporary, the tape approach is recommended. You will need tape, a ladder, and the actual net in order to successfully install the net utilising the tape technique.

After you have collected all of the necessary items, you will need to wrap the net around the hoop and then run the tape around it many times to verify that it is sturdy enough to support the weight of the ball and that your net is ready to use.

Cut & tie method

When working with a hoop that has holes but no hooks, the cut and tie approach is the one that works best. For this particular procedure, you will want a ladder in addition to a pair of scissors.

After cutting the loops that came with the net, thread each one through one of the hoops and secure it with a knot.

How to Install a Net on a Kids Basketball Hoop?

The process of attaching a net to a basketball hoop is straightforward and should take no more than fifteen minutes to finish.

If you are putting a net on a basketball hoop designed for a kid, the size of the net may be different, and it’s possible that you won’t need a ladder. Aside from those two differences, all of the other stages are the same.

You will need a screwdriver, a basketball hoop, and the net that has to be installed in order to play the game.

Step 1

Determine the points at which the net may be mounted. The mounting points for the basketball hoop are located in both of the base’s corners.

These points are protected by plastic covers, which may be removed with the use of a screwdriver to expose a tiny mounting hole. Mounting holes like this may also be seen on the top of the pole that is fastened to the backboard.

Step 2

Put the snipped-off end of one of the sides of the net into one of the corner mounting holes on each base. During the installation process, it is helpful to restrict the net from sliding about by first inserting it into one side before fastening it to the other side.

After you have it in the correct position, use the appropriate fastener that comes with your net kit to secure it. In most cases, this will take the form of a screw or bolt that, once put through the net and into the post mounting point, will automatically thread into place.

It is important that the head of this fastener is positioned so that it is flush with the edge of the hole in which your plastic cap used to be.

How to Keep Chain Net From Falling Off?

Using a certain knot to secure your net to the basketball hoop is the most effective method for keeping it in place. Nylon is used in the construction of basketball nets, and each one must be tied with the same sort of knot in order to prevent the nets from coming untied.

The first thing that must be done in order to guarantee that the net will remain attached to the basketball hoop is to carefully knot it. The “square knot” or the “reef knot” is the kind of knot that is most often employed for this particular purpose.

When you are done tying this knot, it should have the appearance of two loops with four ends coming out of each of them.

If you do not have a square knot or a reef knot accessible, another alternative would be to use any other strong rope such as paracord, which would work just fine in this situation. If you do not have either of these knots handy, try using a square knot or a reef knot instead.

The next thing you need to do to make sure that your chain net stays in place over the rim of your basketball hoop is to wrap it over one end of the metal pole that sits atop your goal post.

PVC pipe or even just some wooden dowels cut into lengths and tied together with string or wire at both ends are both acceptable alternatives to a metal pole in the event that you do not have access to one. Both of these options are recommended in the event that you do not have access to a metal pole.


Who makes the best basketball nets?

Nets made by Spalding are officially licensed by the NBA.

What are the best basketball net makers?

Spalding and Amble are two of the best basketball net manufacturers.

Are metal basketball nets good?

The durability and low maintenance cost of chain basketball nets make them a good choice.

Are basketball nets the same size?

Basketball hoops have an 18″ diameter, but the nets can differ in size as they taper downward.

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