How to Hold a Basketball with One Hand?

How to Hold a Basketball with One Hand?

How you should hold a basketball is wholly dependant on the action you are going to do next.

If you plan to dribble the basketball, pass it, or shoot it, then your fingers can serve you well in all three of those activities. Dunking, on the other hand, only requires one hand from the player since it is a one-handed action. The term “palming” refers to the method of playing basketball with just one hand.

The only reason for this is so that they may get an advantage over other rivals since they can reach the ball farther with one arm than they can with two.

In this article, we will learn how to use one hand while playing basketball.

Can You Hold the Basketball with One Hand?

In basketball, it is against the rules to carry the ball, thus in order to avoid committing a foul, players would often only use one hand to carry the ball.

This method of transporting the ball is referred to as palming, or in a more colloquial sense, “when players maintain the ball with one hand and it continues on going from one to the other hand.”

In order to improve one’s ball control and keep the ball for longer than five seconds in a row without breaking the rules, this technique may be used.

Dribbling is made more simpler for the players as a result of the ball’s manageability. However, the player’s hand should never fall behind the ball since doing so is another violation of the basketball regulations.

Why Can’t I Palm a Basketball?

The act of palming a basketball is not nearly as simple as some people would think it is. There are a few different things that might influence a person’s palming or gripping abilities on the ball.

The size of the player’s hand is one of these considerations. It is easier for players with bigger hands to palm the ball than it is for players with smaller hands to do so.

The composition of the basketball itself is another important consideration to take into account.

However, there are a few more strategies that you may take to overcome having smaller hands. These strategies include placement, strength, and practise.

How Big Must Your Hands Be to Palm a Basketball?

To palm a ball with one hand, the player has to have a strong hold on the ball, which is only feasible if they have a big hand.

In basketball, a player’s hand is regarded to be huge if it measures almost 7.5 inches in length and has a hand spread of 8 1/4 inches.

The length of a player’s hand may be readily measured by themselves using a measuring tape or ruler, beginning at the base of their hand and working their way up to the tip of their middle finger. This will supply the length of a hand that is necessary for providing a firm grasp.

How Do You Pick up a Basketball with One Hand?

In order to handle a basketball with one hand, you need to make sure that both the ball and the basketball itself are dried off with a towel. Sweat and oil make both of these items slippery.

Examine the seams, then position your fingers so that they are equally spaced along them and firmly grasp it.

Try moving your hand in both directions to see whether or not you have a firm grasp on the object. Simply holding a basketball in this manner allows you to do so with only one hand.

Exercises to Help Palm a Basketball

There are a handful of drills that players may do to improve their ability to palm a ball with one hand. However, the most important thing is for them to have the necessary coordination, strength, practise, and drive. Rubber balls, resistance bands, and hand grippers are all great tools for building stronger hands that you may use in your workout routine.

If you want greater and more speedy outcomes, you need to execute these actions twice or even three times every day.

To begin, you should begin by twisting your hand.

The next step is to begin by applying pressure on the rubber ball using the palm of your hand.

After that, go on to the hand grippers, and then finish with the rubber bands.

In addition, resistance bands may be used to help strengthen your wrists.


If someone does not have small hands, can they palm a basket (hold it with one hand) if they have enough finger strength training?

The art of palming requires practice, and surely anyone who practices well and is strong can do it.


With long hands, basketball players can easily grip the ball with one hand. There are also exercises you can do if you have short hands for grasping the ball. Using dry hands, the player simply needs to spread his fingers throughout the upper side of the ball.

The act of carrying a ball longer is a violation of basketball rules, so palming it with one hand also avoids this violation.

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