Why Do Some Basketball Hoops Have Double Rims?

Why Do Some Basketball Hoops Have Double Rims

If you go to a basketball court that is located outside, there is a good possibility that the rims will be substantial and appear like they can withstand a lot of punishment. When you examine it more closely, you will see that it appears to be two separate rims that have been placed on top of one other.

It is considerably different from the single-rim hoops, which are of a thinner kind and are used on the majority of indoor courts that are covered with wood tiles.

There is a significant likelihood that you have overheard others expressing their displeasure with double-rimmed hoops.

You may now be asking, in light of this information, why some basketball hoops have double rims. Are there any benefits to utilizing hoops with two rims as opposed to those with a single rim? Let’s take a more in-depth look, shall we?

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What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to discuss what exactly basketball hoops have double rims entail. A double rim is a kind of basketball hoop rim that is made by stacking two single rims one on top of the other to create a larger rim for the basket.

In contrast to this, the vast majority of basketball goals or baskets are comprised of a solitary rim, which is a circular piece of metal with a thickness of around one-eighth of an inch.

The double rim is nearly twice as thick as the single rim, in addition to being somewhat higher and thicker than the single rim.

Note: Many rims, like the ones that the NBA has been using since 2009, give the impression of being double rims but are really single rims that are equipped with a tube tie mechanism.

The tube that sits below the rim is noticeably narrower than the rim itself and serves the purpose of neatly attaching the net so that no hooks protrude from the surface.

What is the Purpose of a Double-Rimmed Hoop?

The only objective of constructing a hoop with two rims is to increase its longevity. Double-rimmed hoops often have a longer lifespan than single-rimmed hoops.

It is common practice for towns and leisure centers all throughout the country to install double-rimmed hoops on their basketball goals in order to get extra “miles” out of the basketball hoop.

Because these locations have fewer resources to maintain the court and are more likely to have to deal with misbehavior, the decision to install a double rim becomes an obvious one.

If the basketball court is played outside, there is even more justification for using double-rimmed hoops than there would be otherwise.

Wear and tear may be caused by natural elements, such as precipitation and snow. Because dunking and hanging on the rim cause a basketball hoop to wear down over time, a double rim is recommended for areas where there are a lot of high flyers because it will endure longer.

Dunks that are particularly violent and other forms of rough play are facilitated more by double rims. To summarise, not only will they survive for a longer period of time, but they also have the potential to save you money in the long run.

Single Rim vs Double Rim:

The debate among basketball players about whether to use a single or double rim has been going on for a very long time. The great majority of players are of the opinion that a single rim is preferable for the game of basketball.

The additional thickness of a double rim produces angles that prevent the ball from going into the hoop and keep it instead rebounding off the rim. As a direct consequence of this, it is more difficult to make shots on basketball hoops that have Double rims.

Shooters often favor single-rimmed hoops over double-rimmed ones because a single rim permits more rolls and fortuitous bounces than a double rim does. However, there is an argument that can be made in favor of using double-rimmed hoops instead.

Because it is more difficult to shoot with a double rim, it may drive a basketball player to enhance their shooting abilities in order to compensate. This may include shooting with a higher shot arc and with improved shooting form.

A normal rim is more forgiving and pleasurable to play with, but playing on a double rim may develop shooting habits and reward excellent shooters. In general, a regular rim is more forgiving and enjoyable to play with.

Double Rims Tend To Be “Hard”

A frequent misunderstanding is that the additional thickness of a double rim is the factor that causes it to be less enjoyable to play on. However, in most cases, the problem is not with the rim itself but rather with the degree to which it is fastened to the backboard.

When discussing basketball hoops have rims, players often use the terms “hard” and “soft.” Softer rims are more flexible and have greater give. It may make it simpler to hit shots, and rebounds may not bounce as far or wind up being sent in a direction that is too far from the basket.

Hard rims, on the other hand, are rigid, which means that the ball will rebound off of them at a faster rate. People tend to forget that double rims are often immediately bolted into the backboard, which is one of the problems with having multiple rims.

However, higher-end rims have more sophisticated attachments, which release pressure from the goal and give them a softer bounce. This is one of the reasons why they are more expensive. Even breakaway rims have springs built in to give them even more bend than they already have.

The point that all of this is trying to convey is that the increased thickness of a double rim is not always the factor that makes playing on it less pleasurable. It is most likely due to the fact that they are often affixed to the backboard in a fairly secure manner, which gives them a stronger bounce.

Does the NBA use Double Rims?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) does not employ multiple rims but rather a single rim that has been upgraded and equipped with a “tube-tie net system.” This system is intended to protect players’ fingertips from being caught in the hooks that were previously seen on older rims.

This tube-tie net system gives it the appearance of a double-rimmed hoop, but the rim is NOT the same as the infamous “swish or miss” homemade outdoor basketball hoop double rims. Instead, the rim is designed to prevent the ball from swishing out of the basket.

This new rim design was initially used by the league for the 2009-10 season, taking the place of the older rim design that included net hooks that protruded outward. The new design is safer, and although being somewhat thicker, it had no effect on the shooting percentages for either field goals or free throws.

Do Street Basketball Hoops Competitions Use Double Rims?

Given that street basketball is often played outside, you could anticipate the basketball hoops to be equipped with a double rim so that they can withstand the harsher conditions and components of the environment.

However, official FIBA 3×3 or Nike 3-on-3 events use conventional rims much as the NBA does. Naturally, pick-up games in the neighborhood and other such activities will utilize whatever hoop is available.


One kind of rim is known as a double-rimmed hoop, and it consists of two separate rims that are positioned one on top of the other.

It is a typical kind of basketball hoop that have double rims that may be seen in places like leisure centers and outdoor courts. They were designed with a focus on longevity as well as the capacity to tolerate rough treatment.

If you are just starting out and want to improve your shooting abilities in basketball, it can be beneficial for you to practice on basketball hoops that have double rims.

If, on the other hand, your goal is not to become the next great sniper for the NBA, then practicing on a regular rim that has a softer rebound will better prepare you for school, college, or competitive streetball games.

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