Where to Find All the Basketball Hoops

Where to Find All the Basketball Hoops

NBA’s approaching Sports fans are sitting on the edge of their seats during the All-Star game. If you’re one of them, you can get a taste of the celebrations by getting into Fortnite, since the game isn’t just about shooting items.

Up until February 23rd, Fortnite gamers may hop into Creative mode to locate basketball hoop sites. If you want to check out everything this new hub has to offer before it’s too late, this guide should help you hunt down all the hoops.

Where to Find All the Basketball Hoops in Fortnite

With each new update, Fortnite often introduces a few new features or events, and this iteration is not an exception to that rule. They released a new set of missions in this amazing hub that were based on the All-Star game in the time leading up to the event that everyone was looking forward to.

You are required to drown several baskets as part of one of those objectives. This may earn you experience points and also unlock High Hoops Spray for you.

Within this Fortnite hub, there are a total of 30 different sites to find basketball hoops. They are both found inside and outside the house.

Main Building/First Floor Basketball Hoop Locations

Nine basketball hoops can be found on the first floor of the Fortnite hub. The following are listed:

  • A trash can is stored on a high shelf in the main court area of the building.
  • In addition, there are two basketball hoops located in the main court area.
  • It is possible that you will uncover two hoops buried under the “Most Popular” panels if you search both ends of the main court area.
  • A hoop can be found behind the photo booth labelled “Photo #1” and is located close to the stairs.
  • Near the door that leads out to the backyard, there is a hoop that is perched on a dolly.
  • You’ll discover two hoops nestled away on either side of the hallway, not far from the door that leads to the front yard.

Main Building/Second Floor Basketball Hoop Locations

There are four basketball hoops on the second floor of this new Fortnite hub. As a result, the High Hoops Spray will become more accessible to you.

  • As you ascend the steps, you will see that there are two hoops located on each end of the path.
  • In addition, there is a restaurant close by, and within the restaurant, there are two hoops mounted on the fireplaces to the left and right of the countertop.

Front Yard Hoop Locations

There are 12 basketball hoops on the front lawn:

  • After entering the front yard and turning to the right, you will find four hoops there. Two will be placed on a court, while the other two will be placed on a wall.
  • Keep your distance from the floor and search the area behind the bleachers for a trash can that doubles as a basketball hoop.
  • There is a modest clothing store close by that has a trash can for customer use.
  • You can discover a rubbish basket and two more hoops hanging on the wall behind the clothes store if you go behind the business.
  • Another court may be found close to the corner on the right. This court has a hoop on the court itself, another hoop that is concealed by a fence, and a rubbish basket next to the court.
  • You’ll find two corn hole boards with a trash can placed in the middle of them next to the court’s left side.

Backyard Hoop Locations

This Fortnite location only has four basketball hoops hidden in the backyard.

  • Turn around as soon as you approach the backyard, and you will notice a collection of shelves that each have two trash cans perched on top of them.
  • When you are standing in front of the shelves, spin around to see two hoops. One is located on top of a bus, while the other is next to a wall.

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