How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on Average?

How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on Average

NBA floor sweepers don’t have as much glamour as players on the court, but it’s still an honest job with fair pay. Besides getting to work in one of the most fun settings on Earth, you’ll see lots of cool things most people miss.

It is crucial, however, to consider the pay when choosing a position. The salary of floor sweepers is far from being common knowledge, despite the fact that every fan or player knows about them. They are discussed in this article in terms of how much they earn, as well as other general details about what they do.

Pay (Surprisingly High)

Although floor sweepers don’t work in an office, they have to move their way up the ladder just like any other job. Many people assume that all sweepers earn the same salary, but this is not the case.

Floor cleaners earn an average salary of $80,000. Although they are not working full days and are around such a cool, lively atmosphere, they are definitely deserved since they make the NBA go.

Shifting Scales

There are several factors that affect how much a sweeper can make, which is why the average sweeper salary is $80,000 rather than a set salary. Most sweeping salaries are determined by each sweeper’s personal experience. It’s easy to think they all get the same amount each season. 

The average rookie sweeper earning $60-70,000 will most likely earn between $60,000 and $70,000 (with 60 being much more likely). With experience and many years in the league, an experienced sweeper can earn between $90,000 and $100,000. Their wages increase as they work more.

How does an NBA Floor Sweeper work?

While playing, sweepers are responsible for removing sweat, dirt, and any other debris from the floor. There is a lot of work involved in their jobs, and sometimes jobs other than cleaning are assigned to them. 

How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make on Average?

What is the Cost of an NBA Floor Sweeper?

There is a flexible salary cap in the NBA, which increases the likelihood that teams will exceed it rather than stay below it. As far as salaries are concerned, there is a fixed cap for every player.

Based on the maximum limit and the number of years of service, these numbers are calculated as a percentage of the maximum limit. The league allows veterans with ten years of experience to sign contracts at 35% of the maximum.

What are the Benefits of being a Mop Boy?

Mop boys receive a pretty decent salary, as well as a variety of other benefits from the team. Similarly to salaries, benefits can vary from team to team, and each team decides what to give to its employees on its own.

There is no doubt that a large number of youngsters want to meet their idols on the court. You enjoy watching Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and LeBron James play when you are working with them.

Second, they are entitled to receive additional funds for food purchases. Even the small amount of money is noteworthy, even though it is up to the team to reward good workers.

Is a mop boy job in the NBA a Good Career choice?

An individual’s goals determine how he should proceed. Based on a financial perspective, the money they received (more than $50,000) was higher than the median salary in the United States.

Furthermore, workers are given more perks and benefits by their teams. Meanwhile, famous NBA players can be met, watched during training sessions, and in some cases even played with.


What is the pay rate for NBA floor sweepers?

Many sweepers get paid on the basis of their own experiences, not the same amount every season. Just starting out, a rookie sweeper is likely to earn between $60,000 and $70,000 (with 60 being more likely).

How do NBA floor cleaners work?

In addition to mopping, sweepers and floor cleaners are responsible for keeping the court clean. As well as keeping the basketball court dry, they must also keep it free of sweat and water at all times. As players run and dive, the floors need to be mopped constantly. Set up the benches with the help of the student.

What does it take to become an NBA sweeper?

There are official team websites where you can apply to become an NBA floor sweeper. Each team has its own hiring process, and having the right qualifications and background is crucial. As part of the facilities/janitorial staff, NBA floor sweepers clean the floors.


As evidenced by the remuneration and working environment, NBA sweepers are highly sought-after. A competitive position with one’s favourite team would be appealing to many individuals. A lot of spaces are available, but each organisation can only have a certain number.

Even though floor cleaners earn a hefty salary, their role is very important. In basketball, players frequently fall as a result of contact. There is also the possibility of spills occurring.

No sweepers would be on the sidelines to ensure everything gets dry before, during, and after a game, causing even more injuries. Everyone does not want to be involved in something like that.

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