Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop System Review in 2023

Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop

How boring would life be if basketball was not available to basketball players? It is necessary to run between your home and the court in order to practice on a conventional basketball court. 

If you purchase the Lifetime 52-inch portable basketball hoop system, you will have the ability to play basketball games at home.

An overview of the Best Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop System. A lifetime 52-inch portable basketball hoop system is easy to transport, get on the driveway, and store in your garage.

In order to be used as an outdoor portable basketball hoop, it must be UV-protected and must be resistant to long-lasting damage caused by complex outdoor weather conditions. If you want more information then you must read the updated version of Lifetime 54 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop.

Lifetime, as one of the leading manufacturers of basketball hoops, aims to provide a wide range of high-quality basketball hoops at reasonable prices. Our objective is to make you aware of the best Lifetime 52-inch portable basketball hoop system available on the market.

Features of Lifetime 52 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop

An upright backboard with a square shape provides more opportunities for bank shots, and a backboard of 52 inches is considered to be a middle-sized backboard for portable basketball hoops.

It is well worth the price due to its excellent quality. You may find this to be your best option if you are a beginner who practices at home.

1. Backboard

When compared to acrylic and tempered glass, polycarbonate is the cheapest material, has the lowest rebound action, but is the most durable and sturdy material. Due to its hardness, it is not susceptible to shattering even when tripped upon.

 That is why we call it all-weather resistant and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. A 5-year limited warranty is provided by Lifetime in the event that the item breaks for any reason.

As a result of the black graphic and the clear polycarbonate backboard, the board looks clean and has a professional appearance. Despite its long-lasting appearance, the graphic is printed with UV-protected ink, which resists fading even after prolonged use.

2. Rim

Double compression springs are incorporated into the orange rims, which contribute to the protection of the hook during dunking.

Throughout history, dunking and above-the-rim play have played an important role in the development of basketball. This rim allows you to practice dunking at home at any time.

I would like to. It is worth noting that the net hooks are made of steel material and are equipped with nylon nets that are weather-resistant.

3. Base

Unlike an in-ground basketball hoop which is fixed with cement, an in-ground basketball hoop is difficult to move once it has been assembled.

As opposed to a permanent basketball hoop, a portable basketball hoop requires a large quantity of water or sand to maintain its stability. 

We should inform you that the filling hole is set behind, which means that you must tilt the entire unit down and fill it with water or sand, which takes much more time than assembling. What are the pros of this approach?

It is possible to push the unit into the garage for storage by setting the two wheels on the base, right? The base has a capacity of 35 gallons, which means that 35 gallons of water or sand will be poured into it.

While this will make it more stable, it will be more difficult to move. You can imagine what it would be like to push 35 gallons of water forward.

4. Height

There is also a power lift height adjustment mechanism included with this Lifetime 52-inch portable basketball hoop system. A large hand crank is mounted on the pole, which needs to be raised and lowered to the appropriate height.

There is a height range of 7.5 to 10 feet in six-inch increments. Is it difficult? There is no need for parents to adjust it for the children, they can do it themselves easily.

5. Pole

Power lift poles are available in three pieces, each measuring 3.5 inches square. A three-piece construction is less stable than a two-piece or one-piece construction, but it is also more affordable. Three-piece poles are commonly used for the most affordable portable basketball hoop.

6. Assemble

The assembly instructions are pretty clear, but you need to read them carefully. And it is not the work of one person, you need a partner to help you with some crucial points. According to customer reviews, the whole assembling time takes about 4-5 hours.

Main Features:

  • Backboard is made of shatterproof Makrolon polycarbonate measuring 52 inches
  • Height adjustment for power lifts
  • The pole consists of three pieces measuring 3.5 inches in diameter
  • On the Slam-it rim, there are two compression springs
  • An inch-and-a-half brace with welded steel net hooks
  • The base holds 35 gallons


  • Sturdy and durable
  • The height can easily be adjusted by the children themselves
  • In terms of quality, the hook is excellent


  • I found moving to be a bit awkward
  • Assembling takes approximately four to five hours


When can I expect a Lifetime basketball hoop to be installed?

All in all, we took four hours to assemble the table with our one-hour remake. In other words, hopefully, you’ll need fewer retries and finish in a shorter amount of time than we did.

How are lifetime basketball hoops made?

Some lifetime basketball hoops are even made in China, not always in the United States.

Does it take long to install a Lifetime basketball hoop?

Including our one-hour remake, we assembled the table in four hours. As a result, hopefully, you won’t need so many retries and will finish faster.


The portable basketball hoop will not only help you improve your basketball skills, but also offer you more chances to enjoy your time at home with your friends and family.

In addition to being of superior quality, the 71286 XL Lifetime 52-inch portable basketball hoop system also comes at a reasonable price. Hence, for those looking for an affordable portable basketball hoop that is long-lasting and brilliant, this is the right choice. 

The frequent discounts on Amazon will help you save money if you have any other questions regarding the specifications of the product or would like to know the price.

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