Lifetime 50 Inch Shatterproof Portable Basketball Hoop

lifetime 50 inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop

Still concerned about the lack of equipment and space to practice basketball? Is it important to you to play different games with your friends at home for entertainment? Isn’t it time to try a portable basketball hoop?

The number of people playing all kinds of basketball games around the world, especially in North America, is estimated to be approximately 400 million, and the number continues to grow.

As many basketball hoop brands now produce portable basketball hoops so that players may practice in their backyards or driveways, this type of basketball hoop is becoming more and more popular in the United States.

The Lifetime 50″ shatterproof portable basketball hoop we would like to introduce in this article is usually constructed of polycarbonate and is extremely durable.

There is no doubt that the bounce and bank shots are far worse than those experienced on acrylic or tempered glass portable basketball hoops, but it is well worth the money spent.

Basketball hoop reviews for the Lifetime 50 inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop

The following is a review of two lifetime 50-inch shatterproof portable basketball hoops. Both models cost approximately $300.

You may choose one of the following types if you are seeking a product of excellent quality without spending a lot of money on it.

The best portable basketball hoop glass backboard we have reviewed can be found in our reviews for advanced players who wish to purchase a professional one to improve performance.

Then again, if you are an intermediate or primary player who wants to enjoy some time with loved ones, please continue to read, you will be rewarded handsomely.

 1.Lifetime 1529 Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

This Lifetime 50 inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop is the most cost effective type and is suitable for any age.

Backboard Size50 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height8-10 feet
RimSlam-It rim
Base27 gallon


The shatterproof 50-inch backboard is made of Makrolon polycarbonate, which is virtually unbreakable and has a long service life.

Although, tempered glass or less expensive acrylic portable basketball hoops would be more suitable if you are going to use it on a frequent basis for professional practice or high score racing games.

Polycarbonate is usually the cheapest backboard material among the three. We recommend it for primary and intermediate players because it is also the worst at bouncing and bank shots. As far as entertainment for your family is concerned, this would also be a suitable choice.


All together, there are three types of basketball rims on the portable basketball hoop, and the one used in this hoop is the middle type.

You can show off your dunk skills anytime on the orange rim which is equipped with double compression springs. All weathered nylon nets make it suitable for competitive play (who wouldn’t like it?)


In addition to being height-adjustable, this product can be adjusted from 8 feet to 10 feet in 6-inch increments. A hand crank is located behind the pole, from which the pole can be adjusted easily.

One of the most notable aspects of the system is its ease of operation; even young children who can reach the crank can operate it.

In some other 50-inch portable basketball hoops, the design may require you to tilt the entire unit down in order to adjust it. This one, however, can be completed by raising the crank.


The Lifetime portable basketball hoops are perhaps the only ones that can be rolled around with ease. This portable hoops features two wheels on the front part of the base, as with all portable hoops.

Despite the fact that the base has a capacity of only 27 gallons, you can easily roll it into the garage, or to any new destination even when it is filled with water.

It also shakes a great deal during play due to its small capacity, resulting in a great deal of “give” when the ball hits the backboard.


As for assembly, it may present a challenge. The majority of customers complain that they have to spend several hours doing it, and that certain types of tools are required.

It is therefore recommended that you read the instructions prior to assembling the unit, and if you encounter any difficulties, hire a handyman to help you.

Main Features:

  1. A portable base capable of holding 27 gallons
  2. Hammertone black steel
  3. The pole system consists of three pieces, each measuring three inches in diameter.
  4. Orange rims from Slam-It
  5. Mechanism for adjusting the speedshift height

What We Like About It:

  1. Rolling the wheel is not difficult when there is a full load of water
  2. A top-notch product
  3. With its adjustable height, it can be used both by children and adults
  4. Parts that are rated highly
  5. There is enough strength in the backboard for daily use

What Needs To Be Improved:

  1. A considerable amount of time is required for assembly
  2. Assembly requires the use of additional tools

2. Lifetime 71566 50 Inch Shatterproof Portable Basketball Hoop

There is similarity between this Lifetime 71566 50inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop and the one above, but this hoop is more stable and shakes less than the one above. It is an excellent choice for beginners, since it is competitively priced and of surprisingly high quality.

Backboard Size50 inch
Backboard MaterialPolycarbonate
Height7.5-10 feet
RimSlam-It Rim
Base35 gallons


The Makralon polycarbonate is less professional than acrylic or tempered gas portable basketball hoops, but it is more durable and stronger than those made from acrylic or tempered.

The red graphic is painted with UV-resistant ink, so it will remain visible even after prolonged use. It gives you a sense of comfort in playing, and at the same time, it has the look and feel of professional glass.


The majority of players enjoy dunking because it looks so cool, and this is a perfect solution to meet your requirements. The rim is protected by double compression springs, which prevent the hoop from being damaged when dunking.

Playing the instrument produces some spring noise, but it is not too loud. Your attention will naturally be drawn to playing and you will neglect other matters.


The height range of this basketball hoop is 0.5 inches greater than that of 1529 Lifetime 50 inch shatterproof portable basketball hoop that we previously recommended.

Young children can enjoy this device since it has a minimum height of 7.5 feet. Alternatively, you may raise it up to 10 feet if you feel it is too low.

One hand is all that is required to adjust the hoop. You simply need to turn the hand crank up and down to adjust the hoop. Kids who can reach the crank can even do it if they are high enough.


Although a portable basketball hoop occupies a greater amount of space than an in-ground hoop, it offers the convenience of being able to move around anywhere you want.

If you need to store it in the garage at some point, then the base features two wheels for ease of movement.

In order to ensure the safety of small children, make sure they do not roll the ball themselves after filling it with water or sand.

Its base capacity is quite substantial, even though it is not as large as Spalding’s 40 gallons, 35 gallons is sufficient to keep it stable.

According to the manufacturer, the backboard does not wiggle whatsoever, even when it is struck hard, but it does shake, but it is not as severe as it appears.


It is claimed that assembly is easy, but you will most likely need a partner for assistance, and it takes approximately four hours to assemble.

In the same vein, you should carefully read the instructions before proceeding, or else you may have to do it over and over again.

Main Features:

  1. Element that is weather-resistant
  2. Slam-It rim made of solid steel
  3. Net hooks made from welded steel
  4. Portable base for 35 gallons
  5. Graphics protected against ultraviolet radiation
  6. Adapter for speedshift height

What We Like About It:

  1. A good set of instructions
  2. Large diameter poles
  3. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product at a reasonable price
  4. While playing, the ball may wiggle slightly
  5. Height can be easily adjusted
Are Lifetime basketball hoops good?

Considering its price and quality, the Lifetime Pro Court is a good way to have fun and save money. You can’t beat this portable basketball hoop at this price if you’re a beginner who just wants to learn how to shoot hoops. In practice, it won’t work for long-range shots or layups.

Can you put water in a lifetime basketball hoop?

Each of the Lifetime portable basketball bases has pros and cons, depending on whether it is filled with sand or water.

How do you move a lifetime basketball hoop?

As the wheels are only designed to move forward and backward, turning the goal sideways will require you to turn it 90 degrees. You should put your foot back against the base and slowly ease the goal down, balancing it with your arms and legs.


Whether you’re practicing your layup or rewatching your favorite NBA player’s bank shot, this lifetime 71566 portable basketball hoop is perfect for you.

If you are looking for something closer to a professional basketball hoop, the 50 inch Makrolon playing surface and action grip height adjustment are the best. Injuries are reduced when using Slam it lifetime rims, as they consist of double compression springs.

You are absolutely fortunate to have this fantastic basketball hoop available, because it can be played in all weather conditions and has a steady, portable base.

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