Buyer’s Guideline: How to Choose the Best Women’s Indoor Basketball?

How to Choose the Best Women’s Indoor Basketball

Are you trying to choose the best women’s indoor basketball?

If so, then you are at the right place! This buyer’s guide of the best women’s indoor basketball will help you find the answer.

Basketball is the most viewed and famous sport in the world. The size of the court and basketball, the height of the basket, and the time of the game can all vary depending on the gender, age, and skill level of the players.

Now, if we’re only talking about basketball, then to give your best, you have to feel comfortable with it.

It is important to remember that some of the most general points to keep in mind when buying the best women’s indoor basketball are bouche, persistence, proper air hold system, and the fact that it is easy to hold. Let’s talk about how to choose the best women’s indoor basketball.

For Indoor Use, What is the Difference Between Men and Women Basketball?

It is mainly the size of the ball that differs. The women’s basketball size is 6, and the men’s basketball size is 29.5. Since size 6 balls are smaller than size 7 balls, they are perfect for women players with smaller hands.

How To Pick The Best Women’s Indoor Basketball?

While picking the right women’s indoor basketball, you have to consider 3 things: size, material, and color.

Size of Women’s Indoor Basketball

Material of Women’s Indoor Basketball

The Color of Women’s Indoor Basketball

Choose Brand Based on Your Usage

Size of Women’s Indoor Basketball:

The first step in selecting a basketball hoop is to determine what size is most appropriate for you. The official size of a basketball for women is 6.

Basketballs measuring size 6 have a circumference of 28.5 inches and a standard weight of 20 ounces. Karen Logan, a WBL player, commented on smaller basketball sizes and explained that, on average, women’s hands are smaller than men’s, as well as women’s and men’s upper body strength differences.

We recommend this 28.5′′ Wilson NCAA Limited Basketball Designed For Women For Indoor Use

Material of Women’s Indoor Basketball:

Basketball material can be divided into three main categories:

Leather Basketballs: 

Although these basketballs are expensive, they are of the highest quality and provide a long service life. This leather will become softer over time, and it will offer the best grip on your hands. This type of basketball is most commonly used by professional athletes.

Synthetic Leather Basketballs: 

Basketballs such as these can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since their surfaces are already softer, they offer a good grip right away. Their lifespan is shorter than that of Leather balls, but they are cheaper.

In order to ensure that the balls bounce properly, the type of court surface material should also be considered. You can choose any basketball material if your indoor court surface is made of hardwood.

If your court is made of multipurpose materials, you should use leather or synthetic basketballs. However, if the indoor court is made from concrete or asphalt, synthetic or rubber basketballs are ideal.

Color of Women’s Indoor Basketball:

Choosing the color of the basketball is the last step once you choose the basketball size and material.

The majority of basketballs are available in burnt orange color, however, other colors including blue, black, yellow, and many more are also available. Some teams and leagues have standard basketball colors. Therefore, you need to select the right color to suit your needs.

For Indoor Use, Leather Can Be the Most Suitable Choice

Are you aware that a basketball designed for one surface will not perform well on another?

Leather balls are used by professional basketball players in order to have the best grip and bounce. The look, quality, and feel of a genuine leather basketball are unique from any other material. In professional basketball, the leather is broken down to make it softer so that it can be used in the game.

The best women’s indoor basketball for beginners is composite leather, also known as synthetic basketball. Basketballs of this type do not require any break-in time, and they are considerably less expensive than leather basketballs. It is made up of both leather and rubber material, so that it can be used on any type of surface. 

Best Women’s Indoor Basketball

Choose Brand Based on Your Usage

In national-level tournaments such as the WNBA and NCAA, Spalding and Wilson’s basketballs are preferred. Basketballs come in different colors, sizes, weights, and other features to allow for better grip and bounce. Basketballs are generally manufactured from leather to ensure superior quality.

If you were to compare which basketball is better between Spalding and Wilson, the Wilson Basketball would appear to be the better option when considering durability and cost.

However, if you prefer a more natural feeling, the Spalding basketball is a good choice. In order to make their basketball products more comfortable for the players, both companies are constantly updating and modifying their products.

In order to practice at the stadium, you can use the Baden brand’s basketball. This is due in part to the durability of the basketball hoop. In-stadium practice gives you the same feeling even after using it for a long time. Also, it is an NFHS approved basketball, so it gives you the best bounce.

As with Wilson basketballs, Baden basketballs are extremely grippy. Baden basketballs are also more affordable than Wilson and Spalding, so in general, they are the best for stadium practice.

Can Women’s Indoor Basketball Be Used Outdoors?

Outdoor basketball is generally made of hard materials like rubber or composite leather, while indoor basketball uses softer materials like full-grain leather.

Indoor court surfaces are mostly smooth like wooden parquet surfaces, whereas outdoor court surfaces are rough and mostly constructed of concrete. So when you play indoor basketball on an outdoor court, the indoor basketball may crack or tear.

Basketballs designed for outdoor use must be more durable so they can handle abrasive surfaces and remain playable. On the other hand, indoor basketballs are only designed to handle soft and smooth surfaces.

The quality of composite leather basketballs is superior, and they are more adaptable, so we can use them for both indoor and outdoor games. Not all brands’ composite leather basketballs are available with the same consistency indoors and outdoors.

We can use composite leather outdoor basketballs indoors, but not all indoor basketballs can be used outdoors. Gather your requirements before you decide on the best women’s indoor basketball and then make your decision.


I hope this guideline will assist you in choosing the Best Women’s Indoor Basketball for you. Wishing you the best of luck on your next game!

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