How to Draw a Basketball Hoop? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw a Basketball Hoop

Drawing a basketball hoop can be learned in 8 steps for artists of all skill levels by following this instruction. There are many fans of this team sport all over the world, but it is especially popular in North America.

Likewise, football is more popular in Europe and South America, but there are many great teams there as well. Do you have a favorite game? If so, what game is it? 

The legendary team sport’s origins and history are first worth mentioning. Baskets and balls are two essential elements of basketball hoops and the word basketball combines both of them at the same time.

A wonderful sports game can be described in these two words. There has been a basketball competition at the Olympic Games since 1936, called the NBA. This tournament draws the best players in the world to compete.

Using the instructions below, you’ll learn how to sketch a backboard and a basket hoop. It will help you to understand each step if you refer to the illustrations and descriptions. Have fun with the process!

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Draw a Basketball Hoop

8 Simple Steps

1. Draw the Hoop

A hoop is a kind of base around which the rest of the details will be drawn. You can illustrate it to draw a basketball hoop that has two circles, the smaller of which should be inside the larger.

2. Add details

You will need to add two parts to the hoop which will be used to attach the ring to the backboard at the end.

3. Backboard Center

Adding a square piece of the backboard directly above the hoop will complete the setup. Throws need to be accurate and accurate in order for players to succeed. Draw a rectangle whose sides taper left in perspective behind the ring. Considering that the object is positioned lateral to the drawing, it has a perspective.

4. Draw the Shape

The next step is to illustrate the basic outline of the backboard. Remember the linear perspective that you mentioned earlier when sketching a rounded rectangle.

5. Add Details

In order to complete the basketball backboard, you must draw the inner lines.

6. Add the basic Volume

Make the basketball backboard look more realistic by drawing additional lines.

7. Add the Pole and Net

Adding the pole part to the basket backboard will give it a more detailed look, as shown in the image below. The pole must also be complemented by the net that makes up the basket hoop in addition to the pole.

8. Color your Art Project

Now that you’ve completed your amazing depiction, you have to color it. You can trace the outline of the pencil sketch with a marker or ink pen before coloring. That’s great! You can share this cool artwork of sports equipment with your friends, and we hope you enjoyed creating it with us.

We also encourage you to share this simple instruction on social networks with friends, and to sketch this board together with them! You were a pleasure to have with us, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Every day when you are learning the basics to draw a basketball hoop, you come up with your own ideas and suggestions before you even finish learning the basics.

In order to feel good about yourself and try something new every day, you should try something new every day. So, in order to keep your mind sharp, don’t let your days go by without drawing various types of artwork.

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