The 50 Best Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

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You should consider the area at your backyard basketball court, the type of safe ground cover or surface, and whether you want a permanent or a portable court before setting up your backyard basketball court.

How Much Does a Backyard Basketball Court Cost?

You can expect to spend between $11,000 and $76,000 on a backyard basketball court. This means an average price of $35,000 is likely. Therefore, you can expect to pay between $3.50 and $17 per square foot.

If you want to build a half backyard basketball court that measures 47 feet by 50 feet, which is 2,350 square feet, then you’ll need between $8,600 and $38,000. If you have a small backyard space, you can still build a 30 feet by 30 feet home, which is 900 square feet, for around $3300 to $15,000.

There are standard sizes of a full-size basketball court you can consider. A basketball court measuring 97 feet by 50 feet, as used by the NBA, will cost you around $46,000, while a high school court measuring 84 feet by 50 feet will cost you about $41,000, and a junior high court measuring 74 feet by 42 feet will cost you about $31,000.

NBA half-court dimensions are also standard. The size of a standard NBA half-size court is 47 feet by 50 feet, and it will cost you approximately $23,000; that of a half-size high school court is 42 feet by 50 feet, and it will cost you approximately $21,000; and that of a junior high measuring 37 feet by 42 feet will cost you approximately $15,500.

However, you can also opt for an alternative half-size court, which measures 30 by 30 feet that will cost you approximately $9,000 to build.

Backyard Basketball Court Installation Cost

Basketball courts can be installed very affordably in your backyard. You need to first understand the costs and steps involved in making your backyard basketball court.

Depending on the dimensions of your basketball court, the amount of netting, the location of your court, the amount of excavation necessary, and the hoops you select, the cost of installing your basketball court will vary. If your budget is tight, you can still use a concrete hoop.

Comparatively to luxury home improvements, installing a backyard basketball court will be significantly cheaper for you, and it will require much less maintenance. The following components are required:

Court art and line markings

A line marking usually costs $500 or more.

Concrete for the strong slab

Concrete can vary widely in price across the country, but you will need at least $100 per square meter of concrete.


In addition to the size of your hoop extension and backboard, the cost of your backyard basketball court will also vary. You can expect to pay between $1,500 and $4,500 for a high-quality hoop. The cost of a single color logo print is about $500 if you would like to add your artwork.


It is not easy to find laborers with experience in building a sports court, and per day, you can pay laborers between $300 and $400, which will amount to $1100 to $1500 for the full installation of your court.

Its surface. However, this The cost of a basketball court varies depending on the size of the court, the hoop you choose, and the location.

For a half-court measuring no more than 165 square meters, you will need to spend about $10,000 to $35,000, while if you are aiming for a FIBA-regulation size, which is a full-court measuring 420 square meters and more, you’ll need approximately $70,000 to $90,000.

Backyard Basketball Court Dimensions

There are different backyard basketball court dimensions depending on the type of court you wish to install.

The distance from the front of the backboard to the front foul line is 15′ and 18′ 10” from the baseline on all basketball courts.

For FIBA and NBA, the free throw lane or the key, also known as the paint, measures 16 feet wide, while for junior high, high school, and college courts, the lane is 15 feet from the backboard to the free throw line and 12 feet wide.

A 6′ circle is located on each end of the court, one on each foul line, and the other in the center. For high school, the Arc line measurement is 19.75 feet, 21.65 feet to 22.15 feet for FIBA and WNBA, 20.75 feet for NCCA, and 22 feet to 23.75 feet for NBA.

Choose a backyard basketball court size that will fit perfectly into your backyard.

Backyard Basketball Court Size

Depending on the type of basketball that is being played, there are various backyard basketball courts of different sizes. National Basketball Association court dimensions are 94 feet by 50 feet.

Basketball courts have many foundational components, such as the free-throw line, foul line, baskets, half-court line, and three-point line.

For backyards with limited space, you can choose a half-court basketball court layout measuring 30 feet by 50 feet. You may also consider other factors like: Whenever you plan to build your backyard basketball court, consider the material you want to use.

College and professional basketball courts measure 94 feet by 50 feet, international basketball courts measure 92 feet by 49 feet, and high school and junior high courts measure 84 feet by 50 feet.

You will be able to spend more time outdoors with your family and friends when you install the perfect backyard basketball court, and you will be sure it will last for a long time.

Half-court Basketball Dimensions for a Backyard

The majority of high school basketball courts measure 84 feet by 50 feet, while the average college or professional court measures 94 feet by 50 feet.

With a half-court backyard basketball court, you will cut the length of a full backyard basketball court in half, but you will retain the width of the full court.

Typically, high school half-courts measure 42 feet by 50 feet, while youth half-courts measure 37 feet by 42 feet. A half-court game played on an international court measures 52 feet by 31 feet, and a half-court game played on a professional court or college court measures 47 feet by 50 feet.

As part of a half-court backyard basketball set, there is a goal, a three-point arc, and a free throw line. Three-point arcs for women’s college courts and high schools measure 19.75 feet from the middle of the basket on a half-size basketball court.

The 50 Best Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

The sport of basketball is one of America’s favorites. Many people love basketball, and they simply can not get enough of it. Millions of houses’ basketball systems are in their backyard areas.

Their backyard area has a basketball hoop, which not only provides fun and recreation, but it also allows people to hone their skills. Find out how you can set up a backyard basketball court for your home with these basketball court ideas.

Small Backyard Basketball Court

There are times when a homeowner does not have enough space for a basketball court. Installing a mini basketball court is one of the best ways to solve this problem. A hoop and backboard can be set up on a large tree in your backyard.

Alternatively, you can lay flat brick pavers on a small section of your backyard and place a basketball hoop there. On top of their garage, some people place a basketball rim. Small basketball courts do not need to take up much space.

Backyard Half-Court Basketball

You can always set up a half-court basketball area in a large backyard if you don’t want a full court. You can play basketball this way without taking up too much space. It is convenient to play basketball on a half-court like a small backyard court, but it offers more space for gameplay.

In an environment with a medium-to-large backyard, a half-court model will be perfect. Just make sure you plan the area out properly and put it in a part of your yard that you don’t plan on using in the future. This is a permanent setup.

Traditional Court

If you don’t have enough space, it’s not a good idea to put up a traditional or full court in your backyard. These courts require a considerable amount of space. If you look at the basketball courts on playgrounds or in small gyms, they are the size of a full-sized court.

You should be aware that a court of this type will occupy most of your backyard. They can set up the court in a smaller backyard area, but it will take up most of your backyard space. If you love basketball so much, however, you should not have a problem turning your basketball court into a place for hoops.

Concrete Court

Backyards are commonly equipped with concrete courts. People generally play basketball on concrete when they place a basketball rim and backboard on top of their garage. It is an excellent surface on which to handle the ball. Basketballs made of rubber or leather will bounce easily off the concrete.

It is possible for a basketball to bounce too much on this type of surface. If you wish to construct a concrete court, it is quite affordable to do so. The material will need to be maintained since it is susceptible to cracking, stretching, or developing holes as a result of the weather or strong impact forces.

Textured Court

The surface of a textured court is made up of tiles. Materials used for making these tiles include heavy-duty plastic, composite materials, and lightweight brick or stone. Homeowners are free to model their own textured courts in any manner they desire.

The materials offer a wide range of possibilities for design. In addition to reducing injury risks, the materials absorb shock and are less stressful on the legs and knees of residential basketball players.

Although textured basketball courts are more expensive, they can be customized to suit any landscape environment. Moreover, the materials used for these courts are resistant to weather conditions.

Contemporary Patio

Some modern patios are large enough to accommodate a small or mini basketball court. Patios are being set up in increasingly creative ways by homeowners. Homeowners now have greater access to more patio space. Their use of this space has become more creative.

Those who enjoy sports can install a basketball hoop on their patio. They may use a portable rim on their patio, or they may install a small permanent poll. Setting up a basketball rim on a patio requires ensuring that it does not dominate the entire space.

Textured Mats

Mats with textured surfaces are manufactured from vinyl or plastic materials. It is simple to apply textured materials to a specific area of your backyard. In order to set up the basketball pole with a rim, you will need to place the textured mats on the ground. Portable basketball rims may also be used.

In this way, basketball can be played wherever you wish in your backyard. The flexibility is provided by the textured mats. As they are quick to install and take down, they are easy to use. In addition to this, they are easily moveable from one location to the next if you have to make quick adjustments.

Tennis Court

It is very common to find tennis courts that are very large. You will need plans in order to be able to carry out the setting up of one in your backyard, so if you decide to do so, then make sure you get some ideas that will show you how to do it.

You should build a tennis court that is at least the same size as your house so it will fit the size of your whole property. You should plan on spending quite a bit of money on putting together a tennis court.

You would have to spend money in order to section off an area of your yard, remove grass in order to lay down the court, and get the needed court materials. In addition to the cost of the net, the cost of painting the lines on your court is also quite high. Make sure that you plan well before building your tennis court.

Basketball Court Graphics

It is possible to design different basketball courts using different basketball graphics. Using graphics can help people to come up with different ideas for their basketball courts. Depending on the type of court, some have a circular pattern while others have a triangular design.

The point is, some people are going to even put up obstacles on their basketball courts because they got the idea from graphics. Graphics for basketball courts can help people come up with creative ways of setting up their courts and basketball systems.

Golf and Basketball Setup

There is no doubt that people who enjoy golf and basketball need a large is no way you can create a mini-golf course and have a basketball court in your backyard unless you have a lot of property.

Nevertheless, if you have a small piece of property, but enjoy playing these two sports, you can simply adjust the size of your course and court to suit your property.

Mini-golf areas and small basketball courts are sometimes set up in people’s yards. It is possible to set up a basketball and golf court, but planning it out is necessary for success.

Classic Backyard Court

It is also possible for homeowners to have a classic backyard court installed. It is necessary to have enough yard space to build a tennis court in order for this to work. If you remember, a traditional basketball court is quite large.

Your house should be large enough to be able to accommodate this type of system. If this is not the case, your court will overshadow everything else in your backyard. In addition, you will need to check with your local community or neighborhood housing laws if you wish to build a classic backyard court in your yard.

Large Tennis Court

When it comes to tennis courts, a large one is a great option for people who love to play this game. Having said that, a large tennis court requires a lot of space. To build this type of tennis court play area, you will need to have enough space in your backyard. It is important to plan your project ahead of time.

If this is something you would like to have done by a contractor, you may want to look into that. You cannot set up a tennis court out of nowhere, it’s much more involved.

Taking on this project yourself is an option, but make sure you follow plans for the process for the best results. If you do not do this, you are going to waste your money, time, and even ruin your backyard.

Stone Basketball Court

A stone basketball court is the only option available to some homeowners. However, stone is not the best material to use for a basketball court. When you are playing basketball on stone courts, it is harder to control the ball. When you are playing basketball on stone courts, it is harder to control the ball.

When the ball strikes this material, the grooves and bumps will cause it to bounce in different directions as a result of the grooves.

A stone court can be used for ball handling, however, it would be extremely difficult to do so. A stone court is perfect for professional basketball players, but it can be a hassle for people who like to shoot recreationally.

Hockey Rink

If you have a backyard, you can set up a mini hockey rink. On the other hand, if you decide to build a standard hockey rink, you will need to have a lot of money and space to carry out this project. Even if they are wealthy, most people are unable to set up a hockey rink in their backyard due to lack of space.

To build a hockey rink, you need a constant amount of ice and temperature. In all honesty, it is not a good idea to set up a hockey rink in one’s backyard unless one lives in an area where snow and cold are commonplace. It is possible to construct a field hockey rink or a ground hockey rink in one’s area however.

Sport Court

You can set up a basketball court that is used for recreational purposes. It does not need to be a large basketball court to be fun. There is nothing stopping a person from setting up their own playground in a simple area of their yard.

It does not have to be as elaborate as a basketball court with a backboard and rim. If you have a back part of your driveway, then you can also use a basketball sport court to play on. The basketball sport court can be set up very quickly.

They normally do not cost very much to set up. Also, if you need to take them down for some reason, they can be easily taken down.

Easy Setup

Most homeowners would like a basketball court in their backyard, but they don’t want the hassle of installing one. There are basketball courts that are It is easy to install and does not cause a lot of grief. Within an hour, you can have the courts up.

The best courts for easy setup are best suited to homeowners who want to play basketball but are not planning on making it a full-time pursuit. They should be easy to install and shouldn’t take more than an hour to install. During the winter, they should be easily removed and taken down.

Double Court

It is only appropriate for large backyards to have a double court. In order to construct a double court, homeowners should have at least one acre of land. It is similar to having two standard basketball courts at the local park in your backyard.

To have this type of arrangement, you will require a great deal of space and planning. In addition, double courts are not recommended unless you have a large number of people shooting hoops. Having a double court is beneficial for professional players who wish to refine their skills.

Multi-Use Court

Basketball courts can be multipurpose. Aside from being able to play hoops on the court, it can also be used for volleyball or badminton. A school gym generally uses its basketball court areas for a variety of different purposes.

It is used for a variety of games in gym class, such as basketball and volleyball, as well as dancing. You should think about what you can do with your outdoor basketball court if you have one.

Especially if you have it in the open. Having this option will provide you with more flexibility for your court, as well as making it an integral part of your daily life in the home.

Easy Turf

Artificial grass is a type of easy turf, which is a type of artificial grass. In terms of setting it up in your backyard, you can do so. However, please do not use it as a basketball court. Do you remember the last time you tossed a ball in the grass?

Then you know how difficult it is to construct a basketball court out of a solid substance; if you have had that experience. An easy-to-install basketball court has more padding than a concrete or paved one.

However, you will have a hard time enjoying your game of basketball on grass. Truth be told, basketball is not a game you can play on regular or artificial grass.


The game of putt-putt is a fun way to pass the time while playing golf. Basically, it is considered a form of mini-golf. The set up for putt-putt golf is quite simple. Even if you don’t have a basketball court, you can set up a putt-putt course with one.

There is a putt-putt area on the property that is small enough to be able to do it without too much hassle. I think that a great thing about putt-putt games is that they can be changed up frequently by creating different courses, which is one of the best things about them.

It is possible to mix both basketball and putt-putt if you are very creative. You will add a whole new dimension to your games by mixing both basketball and putt-putt.

Backyard Resort

If you have space in your backyard, you can create a resort area. If you wish to pull this off, you will have to transform your backyard into a space where you can arrange a swimming pool, a lounge area, and quite possibly a dance floor.

You can also do this if you know how to manage small spaces to your advantage. The most important thing to remember when dealing with resort areas is that they are fairly large. The best way to have a backyard space is to have a lot of property to work with in order to create the space you need.

Unless you have plenty of land, your resort may not turn out well. Don’t forget the basketball court you’re going to set up in your resort space as well.

Bocce Ball Court

For most people, bocci ball is not a common game. However, there are those who play it. If you are an enthusiast of bocce ball, it is possible to set up a bocce ball court in your own home. The bocci ball courts look similar to large-sized pool tables except that they’re made of grass instead of metal.

Bocce ball is a game that combines bowling and pool into one intense game. This unusual game is popular in Europe, but it can also be fun anywhere else.

With a little understanding of the rules and how it is played, bocce ball can be an excellent addition to your backyard space in conjunction with a basketball court.

Volleyball Court

We already mentioned you can set up volleyball courts on basketball courts. If you recall, this is the kind of thing most school gyms do on a regular basis. In case you have to convert a basketball court into a volleyball court, once you have established the basketball court.

It is not hard to set up a volleyball court, and it will work well on a basketball court, too, since the lines and sides of the court are already established.

In general, setting up a volleyball court is not a difficult task, and it will work well on a basketball court, too, since the lines and sides of the court are already established. It is possible to play volleyball on grass as well.

People can walk softer on the grass and their legs can be easier on it. The game will not have any boundary lines, however, and it will be more difficult to play.

Outdoor Chess Set

It is fun to play outdoor chess with a chess set. This classic game is played all over the world and is considered one of the oldest games. It is common for some people to purchase large-sized sets of chess with pieces that are lifelike in size.

The manufacturers of these types of sets create these sets for homeowners to use in their backyards. In order to achieve this look, these pieces can be made to look like statues or sculptures. Even though they are very heavy to manipulate, they add a whole new dimension of fun to a game.

It is a good idea to place the chess set next to your basketball court when you buy an outdoor chess set. There are many styles and designs available when it comes to outdoor chess sets. Usually, the boards are made of wood, but there are a few exceptions.

It should be noted, however, that the more expensive (and more sophisticated) models utilise materials such as stone, marble, and others.


Bowling outside can be an entertaining activity for many people, regardless of their age. Almost anyone can get a bowling alley set up on their property to play on. There is no reason why a bowling alley cannot be equipped with the same type of flooring found in indoor sports venues.

Although it will cost some money, it will enable outdoor recreation to take place. I believe this is especially true for bowling lanes that are set up in more sophisticated ways. There are bowling pins and marble balls that are available for use with the lanes.

This is going to be an expensive purchase to make. The plastic models are also quite good, but they are a bit more expensive. It is possible to make your home a very popular place for people to hang out and have fun if you have a bowling alley and a basketball court.

Large Volleyball Court

Volleyball is an exciting sport to play and watch. In general, a volleyball court measures 60 feet by 30 feet, so each side will measure 30 feet by 30 feet.

The glamour of the beach can be brought into your own backyard. Add some tropical plants to your yard to match this staple sport at any beach resort and use this perfect volleyball court right in your own backyard.

Yard Chess

Yard chess is a fun game that can be enjoyed by almost anyone of any age. There is no better way to prepare for an outdoor party than setting up yard chess in your backyard.

You will need to consider your backyard’s size as well as the size of the yard chess you intend to set up in your backyard in order to set up a yard chess court.

Street-less Hockey

Your children will be able to have fun all day long without having to worry about setting up goals in the streets or getting hit by traffic with a Street-less Hockey will be safe playing in the backyard, and also the pucks will not be lost down to the storm drains.


A lot of the patriotic details that are included throughout the scene add that extra feeling of patriotism to the game when you are playing baseball. Baseball is a sport that is considered to be all-American in the United States and your kids will be able to enjoy it as well.

Inflatable Court

It is possible to set up a backyard inflatable court. Have fun with your neighbors or host a summer party when you want to have fun.

Multipurpose Court

You should set up a multipurpose court in your backyard to ensure that everyone has access to sports. A multipurpose court can be a great way for you to entertain your family, friends, and even co-workers with games like shuffleboard or even four square.

Having a multipurpose court set up that is large enough would be great for the fact that you will be able to put on very many excellent games on just this one court.

Grand Basketball Court

This is an extremely fancy basketball court that is known as the Grand Basketball Court. It is possible to set your Grand Basketball Court in the backyard of your home and line the fence with protective mesh to ensure that the balls do not fly out of the court when the players are playing.

Horseshoe setup

There is no need for a large space to play horseshoes. In this case, all that you will need is just an empty area of your backyard, or a corner of your house, where you can throw horseshoes around without damaging anything or injuring anyone.

For backyard horseshoe pits, a common size is 36 by 48 inches, and this is a common size for backyard play. It is possible to make just one box depending on the amount of space you have, but ideally a horseshoe has two boxes, one for pitching and another for stakes.

Taking this into account, you will require a rectangular space of 48 by 6 feet in order to accommodate two boxes.

Patio Court

When setting up your patio, you should not just stick to sports. You can make a perfect fun fire for the back drop of your basketball court. This is the best way to make your patio the most beautiful one, without you having to set it up specifically for sports.

Batting Cages

Firstly, you have to buy a frame and an outdoor wiring system to be able to set up a batting cage in your backyard. In order to accommodate your softball and baseball hobbies, you require a quality net and frame, which are made from high-quality materials.

It is not difficult to build your own batting cage; all you need is pipe, Kee Klamp fittings, and a cargo net. You will be able to have a batting cage in your backyard as soon as a few hours have passed.

When you build your own batting cage, you will no longer have to worry about where to swing your bat around, and it is also the best idea for your teens who actively participate in both sports and baseball.

Backyard concrete basketball court

The amount of concrete needed to set up a backyard concrete basketball court depends on whether you want a traditional or compact court. When it gets too intimidating for you, you can get a crew to help you out with pouring concrete.

It is relatively simple to make a backyard concrete basketball court from scratch, and the whole process will take you only a few hours. However, you will have to wait until the concrete dries up before you can apply the paint to the court.

Shuffleboard Kit

As a sport, shuffleboard has been around for years and has always been fun. You can play shuffleboard pretty easily and it’s a lot of fun.

The board is not complicated to set up, all you need is a space in your backyard for it to be placed. When you set up your Shuffleboard Kit, make sure that it is appropriately adjusted as you put it in place in its place.

I would recommend that the Shuffleboard Kit be placed on a level where you can easily slip a piece of paper under the middle of the level.

Backyard multi-sport court

Families with children would benefit from a backyard multi-sport court. Therefore, you can set up an outdoor court where you can play sports such as bowling, basketball, tennis, and even shuffleboard.

If there is a backyard multi-sport court in your backyard, you will forget the long boring summer months, and your children will be able to choose what kind of games they want to play, and they will be entertained for hours on end.

Mini Baseball Court

When it comes to building a backyard sports field, a baseball field is one of the easiest and least expensive options. It measures 330 feet by 400 feet.ents you will need to build your backyard mini baseball depend on your desired materials and size.

Consequently, with a condensed version, you do not necessarily need to have the size of a professional baseball field around you in order ct setup even for children who are still learning how to play T-ball or baseball. You will have a lot of fun together with your family.

Outdoor backyard basketball court

Choose a flooring surface that considers durability, perforation, traction, and installation.

Backyard basketball court no concrete

It has a full paint finish along with texture on a backyard basketball court without concrete. You can choose to use various materials in place of concrete to enhance the grip, such as the rubber soles of shoes.

When you add the painting, you will make your basketball court official, and also it will look attractive and vibrant.

The asphalt basketball court in the backyard

Asbestos is a great choice for you since it is significantly less expensive, but it remains the most expensive option and it will always be reserved for you as a determined player.

Backyard pool and basketball court

It is an excellent idea to build a backyard pool and basketball court if you are unable to afford a full-size basketball court.

The fun can be doubled along with your customized basketball court if you add a swimming pool next to it.s will be a lot of fun after you heat up from playing, you will just dive into your pool and have a leisure swimming


You can incorporate sports right into your home yard in a lot of excellent ways; whether you have a small yard or a big yard, you need to be creative in order to make it work.un and enable outdoor exercise for you, your family, and friends.

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